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A story focused Metroidvania/Party Based JRPG told in chapters.


Metroidvania style overworld with party based JRPG battles every time you encounter an enemy. It features three playable characters, each with their own unique movement abilities to help aid in exploration, and each with their own move set to help aid in battles.


  • Work a mundane office job!
  • Experience depression!
  • Quit your mundane office job!
  • Experience depression!
  • Kill your former coworkers!
  • Watch TV!
  • Find meaning in your life!
  • Fight a squirrel!
  • Die a painful death!
  • Climb a tree!
  • Crawl through the ventilation system of a hospital!
  • Eat some baked goods that you found in the forest!
  • Walk on some clouds!
  • Find some baby birds!
  • Hire a lawyer!
  • And make many other questionable decisions!

Meet different races such as:

  • Goo Creatures
  • Office Workers
  • Dinosaur Lawyers
  • Demons
  • Elves
  • Orcs
  • More Dinosaurs
  • Gearbox Birds
  • Hive Crustaceans
  • Shape People
  • Mr. Somethings
  • and many more!

Start your adventure today in chapter one, Jeebo & Jerbo vs. The Dream!

  • *We would like to recommend avoiding that one squirrel. He's really strong.
  • *No like, reeaaally strong
  • *We mean it. We've never seen a squirrel that strong before